Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghosts, Vampires,and Witches Oh My!!

I was lucky to be able to go to Kaylor's class yesterday and have fun at her party...First Graders are so cute....They munched on some goodies and made a some adorable scarecrows.... We made ghost cookies. These are really yummy and a big hit with the kids. I like them because it only took us a short time to make them and the kids had fun....

The girls in my family are reading Twilight...We just happen to have someone that can make us teeth.. They are really cool.
Ashlynn wanted to be a vampire fairy.

Kaylor does not have her canine teeth yet so she has buck cute. She calls herself a vampire witch....

We have not dressed Cooper up yet..More pictures to come...

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween! Love Carpenters

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Designer

One of my customers makes these. She is amazing girl and so nice too. Check out her website.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

25 things I love about my 4 month old son

1. I love his smile it lights up the world.
2. I love his little coos and giggles.
3. I love how he looks at me while nursing, and plays with my fingers.
4. I love his chubby cheeks.
5. I love how he likes to grab his toes.
6. I love how much of a trooper he is, by going to every soccer game and practice 5 nights a week.
7. I love how he can burp and fart that can make any guy proud. My doctor gave him a high five...I am still amazed, and embarrassed.
8. I love his chunky thighs.
9. I love how I can't imagine how it was before he came.
10. I love that he is a boy.
11. I love that I am lucky enough to be his mother.
12. I love his charm. -He sweeps me off my feet everyday.
13. I love how easy going he is.
14 I love seeing him light up when he looks into his sisters faces.
15. I love how he gets so excited when his dad plays with him.
16. I love that he is finally here. We waited for a very long time.
17. I love how he loves the water.
18. I love getting off work, picking up his sisters from school and heading over to pick him up. That is the best part of my day.
19. I love how his eyes are blue on some days and then look as though they will be brown on others.
20. I love his sweet spirit. He is tiny but his spirit is grand.
21. I love being with him.
22. I love that he loves his walker and bouncer.
23. I love that his sisters love him, and want to make sure he is okay.
24. I love how he is learning new things. Like fake coughing and sticking out his tongue.
25. I just love my little man Cooper and I cannot believe he is 4 months already....