Wednesday, April 29, 2009


ELEVEN! Can you Believe it!!!

When you were born, you came bursting into the world with your lips all puckered and your eyes wide open. I can remember seeing you for the first time and remember the joy I felt in holding all of your sweetness in my arms. You had an opinion from the day you were born. I remember when you were two and you decided you would only wear dresses everyday, and they could not be blue. "Cause boys only wear blue." You are a strong girl, with a very sensitive heart. I hope as you grow up you will use that for spreading good. Everyday I am so grateful to have you in my life, as you make those around you want to be better. You make lists, and are organized and you strive to accomplish every goal you set for yourself. You take everything in stride, and with enthusiasm. Your desire to do well, in school and all you do has lead you to succeed. I am so proud of you. I love that you want to finish your homework right way, and I never have to nudge you. Thank you so much for that. I hope you continue that through the rest of your school career as that will help you when making college choices.

I can picture every stage of your life, first steps, first words etc. When I close my eyes I can picture you with your blonds curls and chubby checks Saying you want "slawberries." It is so fun to watch you grow up. as you know what you like to do, even from the the time you were little you loved watching cooking shows and now you are becoming quite the baker and cook. You are good at it and we are especially loving it too! Yumm. You love to ride your bike, skateboard, Rollerblade and are getting quite good on your rip stick. You love to play soccer, swimming and hiking. You are so fun, and have learned that things only come easy when you practice. You have not given up when you could not do something you have stuck with it. Keep it up and I know you will do well in anything thing you try.

You were born to be a leader and people-impacter. I know at times we all stumble and yes, those time will come in abundance in life, just as you have in the past when things are hard just pull yourself up brush it off and start all over again. I know you like to do it your way, but what always will help you is if you turn to the Lord for his guidance in all things. You will never go wrong when you depend on what is true and right. I am so pleased with the girl you are becoming, struggles and all. I hope you know that no matter what frustrations come up, I LOVE YOU. Please know that my greatest desire is for you to be happy. I love being your mom, and look forward to all of life's moments with you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WARNING this post could be addicting.

I have always been a huge fan of esty. Then my friend told me about I was totally hooked. I loved looking at the pictures. I have been inspired to try new recipes etc. Love it. Then being a on again off again crafter I found a NEW website for crafters. Oh boy!! Here is just one of the cute finds.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bake Sale

The girls school had a Bake Sale to raise money for the Sixth Grade end of the year Graduation Celebration. We decided to make these adorable delectable delights. Cake Ball Pops! We made three different flavors. Lemon cream cheese dipped in white chocolate, Red velvet cream cheese dipped in white chocolate, and chocolate dipped in what else--chocolate. Every ones favorite was the red velvet.

They are surprisingly easy to make. They do take some time to make as the chilling process is necessary.

The girls loved rolling them. It is a gooey fun mess.

Check out the recipe here. The Pioneer Woman Cooks - Ree Drummond

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hairy Lollipop

Cooper had his first haircut at 8 months. He did not enjoy it very much as you can tell by the picture below. We were trying every trick in the book to have him stay still. Thank goodness my friend Sinamon is the best at what she does.
When he started to fuss, Sinamon gave him a sucker which OH BOY....He was so into that. The problem with a sucker and a 8 month old is that he was sticky from head to toe and so was I.

See the content baby....Yeah!!

Calm, happy and sucking on a hairy lollipop that we had to rinse about 10 times.

Ta Daa!! Cute baby boy with a very cute first haircut. This makes me ponder--- Where did my tiny baby go? He is growing up way to fast. At his 9 month check up he weighed 22. 6 lbs!! He is in the 80% for height and weight. He is full of life, and on the go. He plows through everything letting nothing get in his way. He loves to explore each room with wonder. He can empty out drawers in no time flat, and smiles as if he is getting away with something. He loves to dance and clap his hands. He can say ma ma, da da and ganga....He loves to hear his voice. He knows how to get our attention by raising his voice really loudly! His favorite game is peek- a- boo! He would play it forever if I could. He loves it when we take the piggies to the market. I like that he holds his foot out for me to do it more. He can crawl really fast and is now walking while pushing some of his toys. He beams with excitement and this new milestone. His smile lights up my world. I love that he wants you to chase him, and when you do he thinks it is the best. His favorite food is bananas. He is dying to go outside and explore.. Every time we open the door he is trying to make his escape. He is a water baby. He loves taking baths. He loves to stand up and fall down to make a big splash. I love giving him a bath, because soon it is bedtime. He is full of energy, but when he is tired he wants his momma to snuggle him. He is our little baby boy.