Friday, December 19, 2008

I am sad, and happy.

Here is why---My kids are growing up.

1. My baby crawled for the first time this week..It is happening way to fast for me. He is such a big boy and a joy.

2. My Brayden, had her first Young Women's Activity this week...She was so excited and came home crying...She was nervous to go, and then nobody talked to her...This makes me sad. My heart breaks when my kids are sad.

3. My Ashlynn had her first sleep over this week. I am afraid I cannot stop the whirlwind now.

4. Kaylor is my Kaylor, who has to get some dental work done and it is very traumatic for her. She is my little buddy. If we could stay in bed all day she would be my snuggle bear...
Enough Said.....I am sad, and happy today..