Sunday, March 16, 2008

Favorite New Cooking Tool

This last week I purchased the Zip N'Steam bags and I have to say I love them...I first steamed some fresh broccoli as directed on the package and It came out perfect. For Lunch on Saturday I steamed Tilapia with some Cherry Tomatoes, yellow squash and seasonings...It only took nine minutes.I literally cut up the squash and tomatoes, threw in some frozen fish and left the room , It was that easy. I am all for easy food that is healthy for you with little mess. With the bags that I steamed the broccoli in, I washed, dried and reused the bag...My next thing I will be steaming is asparagus.. I always under cook or over cook it, so I hope with these bags I will finally be able to get the asparagus right, so my kids will like it too....

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