Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brayden's Homework

Brayden wrote this little essay for homework...I just read it, and thought it was really cute and touching.....I thought I would share it just how she wrote it.....

If I had one day with my Great Grandpa Jane I would make it the best day of our lives. We would talk If I Had One Day With…
and have a fun time .I would tell him funny stories about what had happened after he had left the world.
Hay sweaty do you want to go fishing I have our old fishing poles.
Sure I would love to. I have not been fishing since the day that you left because I was so hart broken when my Mom told me that you left I hoped and prayed that she was just Laing because you were so healthy. Oh sorry I got carried away. Were do you want to go fishing.
Well I was thinking that we could go to the Marina on my old raft.
That sounds great I have not been there in a while .
Great nether have I
Oh ya I forgot to tell you something. Whenever he has a chance to make somebody laugh he makes them laugh.
After we went fishing we told all kinds of stories to each as we walked around. About an hour latter we were at the 7elevin getting slrupees after that we went to Wall Mart getting each other a hat to rember each other by. Soon the day was over and it was my bed time I cried myself to sleep. As soon as I got up I saw the hat that he bought me I well never forget this day.

The End