Friday, April 3, 2009

Hairy Lollipop

Cooper had his first haircut at 8 months. He did not enjoy it very much as you can tell by the picture below. We were trying every trick in the book to have him stay still. Thank goodness my friend Sinamon is the best at what she does.
When he started to fuss, Sinamon gave him a sucker which OH BOY....He was so into that. The problem with a sucker and a 8 month old is that he was sticky from head to toe and so was I.

See the content baby....Yeah!!

Calm, happy and sucking on a hairy lollipop that we had to rinse about 10 times.

Ta Daa!! Cute baby boy with a very cute first haircut. This makes me ponder--- Where did my tiny baby go? He is growing up way to fast. At his 9 month check up he weighed 22. 6 lbs!! He is in the 80% for height and weight. He is full of life, and on the go. He plows through everything letting nothing get in his way. He loves to explore each room with wonder. He can empty out drawers in no time flat, and smiles as if he is getting away with something. He loves to dance and clap his hands. He can say ma ma, da da and ganga....He loves to hear his voice. He knows how to get our attention by raising his voice really loudly! His favorite game is peek- a- boo! He would play it forever if I could. He loves it when we take the piggies to the market. I like that he holds his foot out for me to do it more. He can crawl really fast and is now walking while pushing some of his toys. He beams with excitement and this new milestone. His smile lights up my world. I love that he wants you to chase him, and when you do he thinks it is the best. His favorite food is bananas. He is dying to go outside and explore.. Every time we open the door he is trying to make his escape. He is a water baby. He loves taking baths. He loves to stand up and fall down to make a big splash. I love giving him a bath, because soon it is bedtime. He is full of energy, but when he is tired he wants his momma to snuggle him. He is our little baby boy.

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AdaMandy said...

Oh the first haircut seems like a fun/scary experience. He looks adorable.