Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cute, Simple and Easy to Make Valentines

Found these cute ideas on They have a ton a fun and easy ideas for the kids Valentine's exchange.
Card stock
Hole punch
Pixy Stix
Time needed: 30 Minutes or Less
1. Cut a heart from card stock (ours are 3 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches tall). Punch 2 holes in the heart, one toward the upper right and one toward the lower left. Use markers to add a message. 2. Insert a Pixy Stix through one of the holes. Gently bend the card and slide the candy out through the other hole. 3. To make the arrow, sandwich 2 heart-shaped stickers (we got ours from Oriental Trading Company) over each end of the Pixy Stix.

Sticks of gum
Licorice strings
Construction paper
Heart stickers
Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. Place two pieces of string licorice between two sticks of gum, taping the top and bottom closed to secure the antennae in place. 2. Next, cut two heart-shaped wings from construction paper, write your valentine message on them, and secure them to the top stick of gum with a heart sticker. Add other stickers to give personality to your butterfly.

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