Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letters to my Beehives

Dear Ashlynn,

I still am having a hard time believing that you are twelve and going into Young Women's. I knew it would happen and I am so excited for you. It just seems like it was not that long ago I was holding you and watching you take your first steps. I can picture how excited your were as you realized you were walking all by your self. You were only ten and half months when you took your first steps. Now knowing your personality does not surprise me one bit. You are a “Go Getter.” You like to do things and get them done. That is a wonderful attribute which will make things in your life run more smoothly and organized. I wish I had that talent. I love that you like to make lists and get your homework done early. I love that you love to have things organized.. You have learned early that it makes life easier to be on top of things. I am so proud of you who you are becoming. I look at you and just think how lucky I am to be your mother. You are beautiful on the inside and out. You independence and strong willed nature is what I admire about you. Please remember to make good choices and continue to be a righteous example to those you come in contact with. Life is about learning , and as you get older you will find that not everyone has the same values as you do. I have no doubt that you will stand true to your beliefs and values. We will all make mistakes, but we can either let them control our lives or we can learn from them.

You are just starting your life. I see you changing and growing up. I am very proud of you, and proud to be your mom. You may think I am strict or am not the best mom, but I love you more that you could possibly know. When I held you in my arms for the first time I knew Heavenly Father sent you to me to be your mother. You were such a snuggler, I miss that because you never want to snuggle anymore. You loved to be held as a baby. The closer the better for you. I cherish the time now when you get into my bed and snuggle me. I know you are growing up.

You knew what you wanted from a very tiny age. You knew what colors were your favorite, which clothes were your favorite and you never varied or let anyone tell you other wise on what you know to liked

It has taken me a while to discover that you a very sensitive and even though you may not show your feelings…you do feel and absorb everything. I have noticed that you try to make it nice for everyone. I hope you know and believe that I love you and appreciate the wonderful person you are. You are so fun and easy to go and do things with. I love that you want to calculate when we go grocery shopping and clip coupons with me. I love that you like to go shopping with me. Your dad likes that to.

You have such a bright future ahead of you. Continue to make the decision to do well in school an education is freedom and will open up many doors for you. I look forward to seeing you with your future husband and children. You will do well in anything you do. It will take work continue to reach for the stars.

I love you,

Love Mom.


Dear Brayden,

I have been wanting to write down my feeling about you for awhile now. I am so proud of the young lady you are. You are not only beautiful and the outside, but you shine from the beauty you have inside. You are my first born baby. I will never forget holding you for the first time. Your firsts are my firsts. Which are so special to me. Your first smile was the first for me seeing one of my children smile. I held you and could not put you down when you were first born. I wanted to bundle you and snuggle you. You wanted to be free and explore from the very get go. You wanted to face outward not to miss anything and not be covered. I learned from very early that you already knew who you are and what you liked and did not like. I love that as you get older you want to snuggle more. I love snuggling you. You are so talented and creative. Things come easy and naturally to you creatively. You can see the way things can be done better and easier. Develop and nurture that talent.

You have always been such a big helper, and wonderful big sister and I feel so lucky to have you be my daughter. I know at times you think I may be a little strict, but it is only because I want to protect you from the things of the world. I have no doubt that you will make right choices, but it is part of life to make mistakes. Learn from them, try to avoid them and most of all choose friends that only want good for you. You can be a good example to those around you. Especially your younger sisters and brother. They will look to you as a guide. That is a big responsibility. Satan will try and put doubt into your mind, but know that you are a daughter of God. Will always be a daughter of God and the more you study the scriptures, pray and participate in church you can be closer to your Heavenly Father. This is where you will find your most happiness.

I feel you are just starting your life. You have such a bright future. Make a decision to do well in school and continue your education. With an education it will open many doors. You will be wonderful at what ever you choose to do education and career wise as long as you work hard.Things do not come easy, but by hard work. I look forward to seeing you with your own children and hope that you will choose to marry in God's Temple. I can picture you in your white dress smiling.

You are so easy going and fun I love that about you. You have done so many things to make us laugh..."Grace"...and your silly dances. Don't stop being who you are. I love you Brayden.


Your Mommy.

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The Redhead Riter said...

Very sweet. It is so wonderful having children (in my case, one). She fills my world!