Wednesday, August 22, 2007

37 things I would like to do before I turn 38

1.Learn a new recipe
2.Make a new friend
3.Take more picture
4. Print Pictures
5. Make photo wall of kids
6. Walk snikers and little bear daily
7.Read every book for Book Club
8. Scrap Girls Books
9. Hold Hands
10.Get Organized
11.Go hiking up in Tahoe
12.Make budget
13. Stick to budget
14. Kiss
15. Apologize
17.Start online Store
18. lose 20 lbs
19. Go to Reunion in Idaho
20. Send Thank you Cards
21. Read BOM
22. Paint a picture
23. make 6 baby blankets
24.Find Cathy
25. FHE Every week
26. Replace old computer.
27. Make jewelry for online store.
28. Keep my bedroom clean...TRY!!
29. Start own Blog Swap!
30. Prepare for Marathon (goal for when I am 40)
31. Go on Girls field trips!
33. Joke more. (Jarrods says I am too serious!)
34. Go to Temple
35. Worry Less
36. Get Raise at work!
37. Pray.

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