Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaylor!!

Today is my now babies birthday!! She will be six!!! I can hardly believe it, I remember them laying her on my chest and seeing her for the first time. Looking at her and cuddling her, feeling her strong spirit and thinking how lucky I am to be her mother. She is such a light in our world...Her strong, yet quite spirit is so sensitive.. She wears her emotions, and we can always tell how she is feeling. At home you can hear her across the street she is so loud, and anywhere else she is quite and shy, especially around people she doesn't know...She loves being around people, yet she can entertain herself for hours....She loves her horses, and barbies..Pink has always been her favorite color....She loves having her nails painted, and dressing up as a princess. I think for a while there she thought she was the real little mermaid..She makes us all giggle and is rarely in a bad mood...

On the way home from Mallory's she was worried that everyone would forget her birthday...She wanted me to call and remind everyone....We are not having a birthday party for her for a little while, we are going to invite all of her school mates and friends to Jump Man Jump, so we were just going to have a small family birthday today, and take her to go pick out the fish she wanted and call it good until her party...However she was worried that everyone forgot, and it really hurt her feelings....I reassured her that everyone knows that it is your no worries.....This birthday is a big birthday for her.. She really knows what it is all about and has been to other kids birthdays, so in her mind she has it set how it is supposed to be....We made cupcakes for her class, and gave her a little birthday present to start her day off.. As I watched her go to her class it is so hard for me to believe that she is already six. Where did the time go?


Holly said...

She's adorable! Happy Birthday!!

Mom2My6Kids said...

I love her little freckles. She is so cute.