Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stake Womens Enrichment Conference

Today my mom invited all her daughters to attend her Stake Relief Sociaty Enrichment meeting. The speaker was the Author of the following book;

If God Loves Me, Why This? and Finding Peace in God's Plan for Us by Kim A. NelsonSummery of his book; Sometimes, when life gets particularly painful, it's hard to believe that God cares about what's happening to us. In those trying times, we often jump to wrong conclusions: "Maybe I'm not very valuable to Him," or "He must think I need this mess," or "I must have done something (here or in the pre-mortal life) to disqualify myself from His love."
Counselor and author Kim Nelson suggests that we need a clear understanding of four things to make sense out of the potentially painful puzzle of mortality: (1) the role we played in the process of choosing to come to earth, (2) the nature of God's parental affection for us, (3) the level of the adversary's commitment to keep us from these truths, and (4) what we can do to get the most out of our earthly test. His insightful stories and analogies shed new light on truths that will help us find happiness in God's plan for us.

It was a great conference that I am glad I went to. He was very down to earth, the spirit was there. We left feeling inspired to not be so hard on see ourselves in clear glasses, and know that we are doing the best we can. He talked abouth the differences between men and women, and I laughed so hard because I swear he was talking about me....He joked about how you can ask your husband what he is thinking, and his response be "nothing"....He said trust me there is really nothing going on there...Men and women are different. I know this, but it really made me laugh because, I think at least once a week after me being in deep thought about something, and him sitting there quite and I will ask him, "What are you thinking about?" his response is usually" nothing". To me that is unfanthonable....How can you be just sitting there not thinking about anything....He is just totally relaxed and content in the moment. Where as I may look relaxed, but if I am not sleeping, reading, watching t.v. or working, my mind is racing....Jarrod is so much more laid back then I am.....That is one I am going to work on......New Goal for the week, take a little time and think about nothing..Maybe I will try yoga again...He he....

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Mom2My6Kids said...

I'm going to have to read this book! Sounds like a good one! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad that you enjoyed your day with your mom and sisters!