Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Middle Child

I remember seeing Ashlynn for the first time...She was puckering her lips and calm as can be...She was such a calm baby compared to Brayden. She loved to snuggle, and was my snuggle bear...She was happiest being close and loves to have the blanket close to her face.. Her Grandma made her what we call an ABC Blanket...She still sleeps with that every night....She is my thinker....She is very smart, and likes to question "why" to everything,and will not stop till she knows everything about everything that she is curious about...She is sensitive, Beautiful inside and out. She has the cutest freckles. She is one of the most strong minded people I know. If she has something set in her mind she will achieve it. When she was two she had it set in her mind she only would wear dresses. I picked out a dress for her and it was blue---she told me girls do not wear, she would not put it on....She fought me like crazy until I thought I was crazy for arguing with a two year old. I picked her up, put her in the car in just her panties and she missed pre-school. Guess what ---she never wore that dress. Who Won......she missed pre-school, which she loved, but she didn't wear that blue dress. Her favorites things are bears, salads, shoes, the colors yellow, orange and green. Her eyes are the most beautiful color of green..She loves school, and does very well in school. She loves to have lots of friends around her. She looks up to her big sister, and is a great big sister to Kaylor. She gets left out alot, being in the middle...She is quite, but she is a thinker, She takes everything in and doesn't want to miss out on anything. She definitely is her daddies girl. She thinks he is the greatest.. She is mechanical, and loves to tear things apart, to see how they work. We find tools in her room, much to our dismay. I love that she is strong-willed, although as a parent it is hard...I fear for her future a little less, because I know she will conquer whatever crosses her path. I pray that she will stay strong and make right choices.Her teachers love her, she is always jumps in and wants to help. I am proud and lucky she is my daughter. Her future is bright. She is my middle child......

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