Friday, September 14, 2007


okay, below is a picture on how I feel today, but I thought after I posted it was a little disturbing so I thought I post this cute picture above of the baby monkey, so as not to frighten you away....

I am so glad it is Friday...I really think I have the best job in the world and my employers have been really good to me, however I really love the weekends. This week I am especially tired. Now that school is in and we are trying, or should I say I am trying to get us all back into schedules. I want the kids in bed by 8:30 they can read or do whatever if they choose. But they need to be in bed at that time. It is quite a chore to do that. When they get home from school they need to do their chores and their homework before they can play. Together both those things should only take 30 mins-1hour. That is if they have a lot of homework. Then they can go outside, watch t.v., play with friends or do whatever. Brayden comes home and does it right away. Kaylor needs a little push. She usually does not have any homework and her chore is at-most 5 minutes worth of work. Ashlynn on the other hand this year had decided she does not want to do homework or chores and will drag it out for hours. She waits till I am mad. Then she will do it. My mom thinks I am to hard on the I? I do not know, I don't think I ask a lot of them. They are very good girls. We just have our way of doing things. I work full time and we all have to pitch in. I am still trying to convince my husband. ha ha. Actually he shampooed the carpets last night while we were at enrichment night....SO that was a very nice surprise...Anyway, my thought pattern today, is with all that we have going on and need to do on a daily basis, including school, work, dinner, weekly activities ie. sports, church things, nightly prayer and scripture reading I am exhausted. Totally wiped out! I really want summer vacation back....or just the vacation. okay...enough of me whining.. I Hope everybody has a great weekend...Enjoy, relax.

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