Friday, September 7, 2007

Peevers My Pet Butterfly

When I was a little girl--I cannot remember how old except it was when we resided at 1740 Vance.I was probably about 6 or 7 years old. I caught a caterpillar and put it in a jar with milkweed and sticks and other foliage that I thought that it needed in order to survive. I stuck it in my sock drawer and checked on her daily-making sure she was still alive and had fresh milkweed to munch on....One day when I was checking on her to my surprise a cocoon was there.!! I babied and took special care to make sure sure no one disturbed my precious cocoon. What seemed like months in reality was only weeks a beautiful monarch butterfly emerged. In my excitement to get a closer look she flew out in my room. I tried my best to gently catch her. She stayed on my finger as I went and showed my mom what I had given birth too. She said it would be best if we let her go. I was really sad but agreed that she was right. I gave her a proper name of Peevers. Do not ask me why I named her that, but Peevers was her name. I took her outside and said my teary good byes thinking I would never get to see my precious Peevers again. Every day I would go outside and look for her. Days went by and I didn't see her, but one day I swear she came back, not only did she come back she came every day for a couple of weeks. Nobody believes me to this day, but she would actually come and visit me, on a daily basis. Now being that I was young my memory might be a little exaggerated, however this is a true story...I will remember Peevers forever...and every time I see a monarch I will remember her.