Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10 Ways To Welcome Fall

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Go apple picking (even if it's just at the market) and fill a decorative bowl full for a festive focal piece.
Take a friend on a bike ride or throw a football and drink in the glorious fall colors.
Gather pine cones and set a basket on your table or hearth. They make great fire starters.
Make mulled cider, bundle yourself in a blanket and watch the sunset.
Go to the pumpkin patch or on a hay ride with friends. Corny – yes, fun – YES!
Take time to smell the roses. Cooler weather means larger and more fragrant blooms.
Buy books. It's back-to-school for all ages – beef up your reading list and explore something new, like art or literature.
Take up a hobby - something you've always wanted to try. Painting by numbers is back in a big way, so jump-start your Christmas gift making.
Buy one fabulous fashion item you love, in a deep, rich color that screams, "fall!"
Rake the leaves and enjoy it. Or just leave them and enjoy it.
Seasonal Hint: Remember to plant spring bulbs now. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other bulbous plants will produce boisterous blooms come spring.

Here is 10 of my own.

1. Go hiking --this is the best time of year to hike. Not to hot and beautiful scenery.
2. Take Pictures.
3. Go Booing....
4. Go To Apple Hill
5. Light Candles. --I only like to light candles for some reason when its cold out....
6. Go to Marina---Roast Marshmallows with bunson burners.
7. Gather leaves and have the girls craft with them.
8. Go to UNR games. GO WOLFPACK!
9. Snuggle and read books with the girls
10. Must have Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider!! On daily basis...
and one more....

11. Must do...switch summer cloths to winter ones....(okay. not fun but I have to do)

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