Monday, October 1, 2007

Meet the Grover Family

This is the adorable Grover Family...They just moved out of our Ward. I am so grateful, to have Mallory in our Life. She is watching Kaylor after school, and it means the world to me. If I could-- I would stay home. My heart breaks that I cannot, however when I have great people like this to watch my baby I feel grateful.. Her adorable son is Carson. On Friday when I picked Kaylor up they had made sugar cookies. Just not regular sugar cookies. But sugar cookies on a stick. She made each of the girls one in their favorite colors. I wanted to take a picture of them to show how cute they were. (but of course I left my camera at work.) They were yummy. She wants to start a little business making cookie bouquets. She will do well. What I know about Mallory is that she just graduated from BYU. She is a kindergarten teacher, but taking a break since she just had a baby. I am going to tag her to find out more about her. Stayed tuned.

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