Friday, October 5, 2007

Kitchen Dreams

Here is a picture from Gwyneth Paltrows Kitchen. I really like it. I dream of having a spacious kitchen one day. One where we can all be in there doing our own things, but be together and all have our own space. I have dreams of being a great baker/gourmet chef. We love watching all the cooking shows, I collect recipes like crazy...My excuse as of late why I do not cook is no counter space...I cook, but not the way I dream of being a cook. This is not a good excuse I know, and my list of excuses can go on and on. Maybe if I had a dreamy kitchen like this.
I love white kitchens. I love the bright, inviting, clean fresh feel it gives. To me it is timeless and classic. You can add any color as a contrast and it works....When we can get a house again, it will have white cabinets. Check out Habitually Chic: At Home with Gwyneth Paltrow - Behind the Scenes

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